The City of Post November Election will have two propositions for the citizens to consider. Proposition A Ballot: “The Legal sale of malt beverages and wine for off-premises consumption only.” If approved the proposition will allow beer, wine, and malt beverages to be sold in convenient stores located in commercial zones. An ordinance adopted by the Post City Council lays out the specifications including distance from churches and schools and zoning laws pertaining to all sales.
Proposition B Ballot: “To abolish the existing sales and use tax collected solely for the benefit of Caprock Economic Development Corporation and dedicated to water and sewer system improvements (being at the rate of one-half of one percent) and, concurrently authorize the adoption of a Type B economic development sales and use tax at the rate of one-half of one percent to undertake authorized projects, including related maintenance and operating cost, as described in Chapters 501 and 505 of the Texas Local Government Code.”   What does this mean?  The city currently collects sales tax from all goods sold. A portion of this sales tax is reserved for economic development. This portion is already being collected and can only be used for water and wastewater system improvements. The city was using these funds to pay off a bond debt for the Southland Well field. This year the city paid off the bond debt to free up these funds for other economic development projects (Type B economic development projects). For the city to use these funds an election must occur because the current use is intended only for water and sewer projects. If Proposition B passes the city will be able to dedicate an estimated $303,000 for other economic development purposes laid out in the Local Government Code, chapters 501 and 505. If the proposition passes the city can still use these funds for water and sewer infrastructure projects. If the bill passes there is more flexibility for these funds to be used for economic development.  This may include hiring an economic development director, building a business park, industrial/manufacturing zone, façade grants and infrastructure that supports industries. These funds will be governed by the city council and or economic development board called the Caprock Economic Development Corporation, CEDC. The CEDC is governed by local government. The PEDC, Post Economic Development Corporation is a private economic development board made up of local investors. The two will work together for the benefit of Post and Garza County; however, are governed very differently. As the PEDC is private corporation and the CEDC is local government.  All expenditures and projects of the CEDC are approved and governed by the city government and report to the State of Texas. If the proposition fails, the city can continue to operate the CEDC for the purpose of water and wastewater infrastructure. The sales tax does not dissolve. These funds also cannot be disbursed to offset the cost of water bills, pay water employees, or subsidize the water department expenditures. They can only be used for water and sewer system improvements, generally meaning new water distribution and collection lines, water plants or wastewater systems.