The City of Post is declaring itself to be a West Texas Christmas destination! The holiday lights were turned on November 1st, creating a special trail through the Main Street.  The City of Post is wide open for business!  This past month the city brought in $143,916 in sales tax. This number is up $37,690 from previous year in 2021 and $143,054 more than the sales tax collection in 2020 (covid year). After visiting with several of our local merchants, they claim their foot-traffic and out of town visitors have increased. This is exactly what we want to happen! I would also like to think that Swift Stop and CEFCO have added to these increased numbers.  Swift Stop opened in 2020 and CEFCO in 2021. We see that sales tax has increased in April 2021 upon CEFCO opening.  The city has invested in a software program that will allow us to directly see the major contributors to the sales tax.
As you all know the Proposition A: sale of beer and wine did not pass. Proposition A would have increased sales tax within the city limits an estimated $100,000 per year. Not all convenience stores would have been able to sell beer and wine in their stores due to them proximately to churches and schools.  This petition may circulate again for the next election. It is of high interest to CEFCO, United and other corporately owned businesses in town.
Proposition B has passed allowing the city to have a broader scope of 4b economic development projects. The city must wait one quarter after the election before these funds can be used. At this time funds collected can only be used for water related economic development projects.  We are in process of reestablishing the CEDC and setting up new bi-laws, a edc board, possible director and budget.
Our Downtown is beautiful. I love seeing friends post selfies on Facebook in our downtown! You will find unique street scrapes that draw in travelers. The west side of Main Street features western charm including colorful oil derricks, Texas flags, trucks and more. The east side features a more traditional Christmas light display.
Visit us December 3rd for Light Up Post. Local vendors will be offering food and drinks in the “Taste of Post” located in the Silent Night Village on Main Street. Santa will also be present at the Village.  Our local small-town merchants will open their stores for a Sip-N-Shop throughout the day starting at 10am.
The merchants, citizens and employees of the City of Post have worked hard to present to you a celebration of lights and fun. “Light Up Post” is a wonderful event full of activities, parades, and Christmas cheer. We hope that you will enjoy shopping, eating, and walking through our colorful lighted downtown.  Make plans to attend the lighted Christmas Parade starting at 6:00 p.m.