Notes from the County Judge

by | Apr 26, 2022 | News | 0 comments

As I write this article May is right around the corner. Our taxing entities are holding elections and that is very important to the future of our community. We know that change is always happening and let us support change. I support change that is helpful and thoughtful while supporting our community’s best interest.

And that responsibility is upon the voters for every election and for every year.

Please take the time and put in the study of the issues and then VOTE.

Summer recreation will begin in June and go for one month. The City of Post, Post ISD and Garza County provide these activities. Look forward to some new activities for the children during this month.

We have a huge number of issues that we are working on at this time in Garza County. Nearly everything revolves around the prison. We are moving forward to find new customers and that is coming along well.

Our Bureau of Prisons contract ends on June 30 of this year. As the facility is lowering the inmate population MTC staff is repairing, cleaning and painting with the help of Garza County.

I am relying on my experience and that of many friends across the State to develop a positive outcome for Garza County.

The Commissioners and I continue to work on these issues on a daily basis.

Lee Norman

Garza County Judge