Business of the Month – Texas Farm Bureau

by | Dec 5, 2022 | Spotlight | 0 comments

Texas Farm Bureau Insurance Post has been operating since October of 2020. Under the leadership of Ron Frances, they have been seeing to the needs of their members to ensure that members have proper and adequate coverage and protection for the people and things that matter the most to them. Located on Main Street in Post, Ron works to give back to his community on a regular basis! When he is not in the field evaluating farms or cattle or in the office prioritizing his members, Ron can be found on the sideline of any BOLD GOLD athletics or extracurricular activity. Ron is an avid supporter of our BOLD GOLD Antelopes and he gifts the parents and district with his photography services regularly. Ron can be contacted at 806-495-0404 or 117 East Main St. Please stop in and say hi.